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Did you know that your car needs an oil change every 3500 miles? We can change it in no time, with any oil of your selection, be it a conventional or a synthetic one... We guarantee that oil quality will get your car going for many miles more!

Your car battery is one of the most important components for your vehicle to run. A car battery supplies large amounts of electrical current for the starter, engine and other electronic accessories in the vehicle. The auto battery also recharges and stores energy.

If you're in need of a brake service and inspection, look no further than CarRepair, where we offer free brake and rotor checks all year long. Bring your vehicle in and our tire and auto service professionals will perform a free brake check service.


The first step in solving your steering and suspension problem is diagnosing your vehicle. During a Complete Vehicle Inspection, our tire and auto service professionals will inspect all major systems in your car, including the steering and suspension.



An air conditioning is one of the greatest conveniences that's ever been introduced to a car... Still, as any other car part, it cannot last forever and needs regular checkups just to be sure that you will not get boiled inside your car, with AC broken in the middle of the New York heat!


Annual Safety Emmisions Inspection

All vehicles registerd in New York State must get a Safety Inspection at a DMV-Licensed Inspection Station Every 12 Months.  At Blue Star Brothers, we are here to check and ensure your vehicle meets all the proper requirements. Schedule you NYS Inspection Appointment Today!



With tires and wheels being what literally drives the car, we cannot put more emphasis on how important these are. It's vital to check the deflation, tires weariness as well as wheels state. We change wheels of any diameter and we can change the tires to any brand of your choice!  Call Today to get a Quote!

Your engine is the heart of the car, it's what keeps it alive. That's why engine oil, engine parts and even air filters are the things that you are obliged to check each year! We provide a full-fledged assessment and mechanical checkup for any engines and any cars!



At Blue Star Brothers, our goal is simple: “We deliver excellence on every job”. Our Family is dedicated to our mission, continuous improvement, and delivering superior value to our customers.  From Accidents to minor scratches, we have serviced the New York area for years, working on all Foreign and Domestic Vehicles. 


We made it simple and easy to get your Glass Replacement. Whether it is a Cracked Windshield, broken door glass, or malfuntion window motor and regulators, we handle it all. Call to get a qoute and schedule your appointment and get your vehicle back on the road safely. We handle all Glass Claims.





The exhaust system in a car ensures that the toxic exhaust fumes do not get inside your car cabin. Its another task is to make sure your engine runs correctly. Exhausts and mufflers help you to achieve the best possible fuel efficiency and cut emissions that pollute the air.




Blue Star Brothers is recognized by all Insurance Companies, and handle all claims from start to finish. 

*New York State Law: Regulation 64 Section 2610 of the Insurance Law states that an insurance company may not require that repairs be made to a motor vehicle in a prarticular shop. You have the right to have your vehicle repair in the shop of your choice*


Blue Star Brothers of Glendale is recognized by many major Insurance Companies. Our Staff is trained and equipped with the all proper tools and equipment to provide your vehicle with

OEM Factory Service. 

From reprogramming and calibration to OEM Software Update.


A transmission rebuild is a major mechanical overhaul done to a vehicle's transmission. A transmission, like a vehicle engine, is made up of a series of interrelated mechanical parts that wear out over time and with extended use. Rebuilding a vehicle's transmission replaces these worn parts without replacing the entire transmission.


Blue Star Brothers is equippmed with up to date OE Software Scan Tools and Equipment, to provide proper diagnostics for both Foreign and Domestic vehicles.  Our goal is to keep your vehicle running on the road safely, by provided dealer level service and diagnostics.

Stop in and keep track of your vehicle next service.


Dirt, dust, and debris accumulate millions of germs. Steam cleaning your interior will help remove thes  these dirt and and unwanted bacteria. Protect you vehicles paint and clear coat by scheduling an exterior detailing, which provides removal of dirt and scratches and offering an extra layer of protection. Keeping your vehicle shiney looking like new. 


Manny H.


Very professional body shop which is hard to find nowadays. They took care of me as if I were a family member and kept me updated about my car throughout the duration of my repair.

Gary Owen

The moment when your car stops in the middle of the road, because the ignition just died is a very disturbing one… Thanks God I stumbled across these guys in the classifieds. The speed with which they fixed my ride was so impressing, that I was on time for making additional checkups I’ve been postponing!

Neil V.


I am a returning customer. During the last few years I’ve been servicing 2 of my 3 cars here, and I had never had a single problem! Every checkup, repair and fix they did was on time, and with an affordable price tag attached! All my friends are now visiting it too, ’cause I referred them!


Gene Davis

Recently these guys saved me from a sure disaster. Just as I was about to drive off to work from my garage, I’ve barely escaped a catastrophe by noticing the oil leak… Now this repair service took my car to their place, checked it, fixed the oil leak and handed me an affordable price total!